Contempory Film Productions Ltd

Contemporary Film Productions strives to place audiences at the centre of people's lives today. We seek the highest standards of professional, investigative and relevant film making, constantly striving for authenticity and an integrity that comes from inquisitive, challenging but fair reporting.  

Windows into the world reveal an inspiring heroism side by side with our deeply flawed but human condition. We earnestly seek meaning and an understanding of the underlying causes and consequences of global problems. While constantly grappling with a myriad of factors at play within complex dilemmas, we retain a speechless awe and wonder at life and a lively, playful interest in different peoples and cultures.

Outcomes can be slippery, uncertain, inconclusive or very moving and tough to accept, leaving the viewer amused, saddened or shocked, their feelings deeply roused or left quietly thoughtful. From beginning to end we remain passionate about telling a compelling, true story with sincerity. Our prime task is take you on an unpredictable journey, a quest to comprehend life with compassion and insight.

Recent Awards and Selections to Film Festivals for Chasing Mandela's Rainbow  

Chasing Mandela's Rainbow screened at the TIFF Bell Lightbox cinema on Toronto South African Film Festival's gala night followed by a Q and A and a dinner party.